New Pooleys 2018 available

The 2018 edition of Pooley’s Flight Guide is now available for download by Airbox customers, priced at £24.99.
Published annually, this guide is produced by, and with the support of, aviators across the UK.
  •  Full-colour illustrated and geo-referenced airfield plates and area charts in every guide.
  •  More than 1000 Landing Site Entries.
  •  Every Plate re-mastered and Graticule Ticks added
  •  Over 120 additional airfields since 2017.
  •  Highly acclaimed – Pooleys is the generic word for accurate, up-to-date airfield  and airspace information.
  •  The most up-to-date flight guide on the market at the time of release.
Visit Airbox Thundercloud to purchase.     The digital download also includes:   Definitive information on more than 1000 UK aerodromes, over 450 landing charts and multi-coloured area charts, private airfields and farm strips, helicopter landing sites, microlight sites, glider sites, parascending sites, free-fall parachute sites, notified controlled airspace, airspace classification, VFR criteria & VMC minima, specified minimum weather provisions, ATC regulations & procedures, air traffic control services, controlling authorities & comms frequencies, MATZ & LARS, DACS & DAAIS, meteorological services, landing fees, sunrise/sunset tables and many other items of useful aeronautical information.
Visit Airbox Thundercloud or purchase via your app. For more details call Airbox during office hours on 01235 227 250.
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